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A Bit About Our History

Easy Paint Accident Repair Centre Ltd is the creation of Stuart Watts. Over the past 45 years Stuart has worked in the industry in many different sectors. His experience includes Ford Motor Company paint shops, dealerships, commercial to performance car preparation, classic cars and even Formula 1 restoration too. If it moves, or even if it doesn’t move, he’s painted it (and that includes aeroplanes!)

Car Paint Restoration

Whether your car paint has faded over time or it’s in need of refurbishment we can carry out all your car paint restoration services on site.

Car Scratch Repairs

From small scratches to nasty scrunches our car scratch repairs can refurbish your paint so well you wouldn’t know it was there in the first place.

Car Paint Matching

Are you struggling to find the right paint colour? Our car paint matching service can get the exact colour and source it for you too.

Easy Paint Accident Repair Centre Ltd are dedicated to car paint repairs, scratch removals and paint restoration work for all types of domestic and commercial vehicles. Our engineers are handpicked and trained to the highest standards to ensure a level of service and consistency that is second to none. When you call us or visit our site, it’ll become evident quite quickly that we really do care about providing you with a great service. Our car paint repair services cover everything from minor scuffs and scratches to panel painting and complete repainting too.

Car Body Paint

All types of major and minor domestic and commercial vehicle paint work

Classic Cars

Classic cars’ paint work lovingly restored or completely renewed.

Wraps & Graphics

From complete vehicle body-wraps to custom graphics for any type of motor


We can create custom paint work for all types of motorsports cars

We Use the Best Quality Car Paints and Our Spray Oven is State of the Art

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