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Car interiors can be subject to wear and tear over time, especially if your car does the school run or you have pets that love to swim in the river. Our car interior repairs service can refurbish, replace or completely customize your vehicle’s interior. From simple repairs dashboard and fittings repair to entire interior redesigns, whatever your needs we’ve got it covered.

Interior Trim Repairs

Has your car interior got small tears, stains and seams coming apart? No need to replace the entire interior when you can refurbish it with us and make it as good as new again.

Car Upholstery Repairs

Whether it’s leather, faux leather, vinyl or super wool our expert car upholstery repairers can supply an exact match fabric and either part change or completely replace damaged upholstery.

Car Interior Styling

Are you looking for a new custom car interior? Here at Easy Paint Accident Repair Centre we can offer a complete car interior styling service that can completely transform the interior of your vehicle. from subtle changes such as colour or fabrics to complete custom reworks including all accessories and fittings.

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