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Vehicle wrapping and custom car graphics can make your vehicle stand out in any situation. Whether you want a complete carbon vehicle wrap for that stylish modern look or you want to ensure your fleet represents your business brand wherever they go, we can help. Vehicle wraps can be used to part cover or completely cover all types of cars, bikes, vans, trucks, coaches and more. You can use vehicle wraps for race styling, brand recognition, advertising or just to be different. Our custom vehicle graphics services can either replicate or create unique graphics for all types of vehicles too.

What is a Vehicle Wrap?

Vehicle wraps are vinyl decals that are applied directly over the original paintwork. Vehicle wraps allow you to change the look of your vehicle quickly and effectively with high quality results. Using the right skills and tools, vehicle wraps can be removed quickly and enable you to return your vehicle to its original condition. It is because of this ease of change that they are ideal for either long or short term applications. Vehicle wraps are a convenient and cost effective way to brand vehicles for all types of promotions, advertisement or branding strategies.

What are Custom Vehicle Graphics?

Custom vehicle graphics are similar to vinyl wraps except they can be more detailed and combined with vehicle wraps too. We can recreate logos, promotions, information, signage and much more. Custom vehicle graphics can be subtle with simple logos, or complete branding jobs for everything from rally cars to buses.

Important Information About Vehicle Wraps and Custom Graphics

  1. It is important to ensure that your vehicle is completely clean and free from any agents such as wax, polish, dirt or oil.
  2. Vinyl wraps won’t adhere to rusted metal properly so any rusted body work will need to be fixed first. Our bodywork repairs services can see to this for you.
  3. Vehicle wraps and graphics can be applied by our specialists and removed by us too. A vinyl wrap will typically last up to 5 years and if damage occurs the panels can be replaced.
  4. You must obtain permission if you are planning to wrap a leased vehicle. Wraps will not cause any damage to paint work, but the integrity of the paint work must be confirmed, and the work must be authorised.

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