Aid Progression to Larger Bikes

The development lesson is designed to aid progression from a small geared bike onto a larger geared bike ahead of full licence training; A1, A2 and A (also known as direct access). The session will be a minimum of 2 hours and is compulsory if you have little or no experience on bikes larger than 125cc. This would be booked prior to Module 1 training.

If you are not wanting to specifically progress onto licence training, this lesson could simply be an introduction onto a larger geared machine. It is not necessary to continue onto licence training following this session.

A development lesson can be booked directly following your CBT and it is not necessary to have completed your Theory Test prior to the session.


  • 16 years or over

  • Provisional/driving licence

  • Can read a new style number plate at 20meters (about 66 feet)

  • Know how to ride a push bike

  • Have knowledge of Highway Code & traffic signs

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