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Compulsory Basic Training

The CBT is a compulsory course for anyone wanting to ride a motorcycle or moped. It is a basic legal requirement before riding on a public road. This course will put in place the foundations on which to build your future as a motorcyclist.

The CBT is usually undertaken by people with limited experience of riding. It is a 1 day course, however the length of time required to complete the CBT will depend on your ability to safely progress through the day. An extension to the day will be offered at a reduced rate if the instructor feels that further training is required for safety purposes.


  • 16 years or over

  • Provisional/driving licence

  • Can read a new style number plate at 20meters (about 66 feet)

  • Know how to ride a push bike

  • Have knowledge of Highway Code & traffic signs

The CBT course will cover these 5 elements:

  • Element A – An introduction to CBT

  • Element B – Practical ‘on-site’ training

  • Element C – Practical ‘on-site’ riding

  • Element D – Practical on-road training

  • Element E – Practical on-road riding

Each element must be safely completed before progressing to the next. Your instructor will move through the elements once you have safely completed and demonstrated a clear understanding of each. 

Once the instructor is happy that you have safely completed all elements, you will be issued with a CBT certificate, the DL196. This certificate is valid for 2 years from the date issued, and must be retaken once expired. 

Our training ratio’s for CBT candidates are:

  • 4:1 during on-site elements

  • 2:1 during on-road elements

What can you ride once you have completed your CBT?

Whilst holding a valid CBT certificate you are entitled to ride:

  • Age 16 years – 50cc restricted to 30mph, standard issue “L” plates front and rear, no passengers, no motorways

  • Age 17 years + up to 125cc, standard issue “L” plates front and rear, no passengers, no motorways

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Do I need a CBT if I have a car licence?

What equipment and clothing do I need?

Must bring with you on the day:

  • A current provisional/driving licence

  • Boots that cover the ankle

  • Jeans/strong trousers

Not required:

  • Motorcycle

  • Motorcycle helmet

  • Motorcycle jacket

These will be provided on the day free of charge. However, if you have your own motorcycle equipment you are welcome to bring these to use on the day.

After CBT

The CBT is the very first step on your journey to becoming a motorcyclist. You are advised to continue to develop the new skills you have learnt through further training up to practical test standard. Your instructor or ATB is on hand to discuss the further training you will require to complete your full motorcycle licence.

It is essential to safely continue your motorcycle practise on as many types of roads as you can, and in different conditions. For example:

  • Duel carriageway, where the national speed limit applies

  • In daylight and in darkness

Please be vigilant of others around you while riding and ensure not to obstruct other road users while safely practising manoeuvres.

To all our customers

Here at ‘Practical Bikes’, we pride ourselves on being a friendly and flexible training school. If you have any special requirements or needs, we are always happy to discuss training options with you. Our frequently asked questions page is there to help, but please don’t hesitate to drop Sarah an email for any further advice.

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You can book your training online with us. Its quicker and easier!